North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT) asks our Asian American community members to join us in permanent solidarity with Black communities. 


George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmad Arbery. Akai Gurley. Trayvon Martin. Sandra Bland. Alton Sterling. Philandro Castille. Tamir Rice. Aiyana Jones. Akiel Jenkins. Tony McDade. These are but a few of the endless list of names whose lives have been taken by white supremacy and by our own complicity in anti-Blackness. NCAAT supports all efforts to address systemic racism.


Media reports have grossly misrepresented demonstrators at recent protests of police violence against Black lives, we encourage folks to read and listen to the accounts of the people who have been on the ground and uplift the voices of the Black community. These accounts have detailed unarmed, unprotected protesters being tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets by a militarized police force, which is unacceptable — Lives are more valuable than property. 


There are tangible asks — Hold the police accountable immediately for killing unarmed Black people, with transparency in the disciplinary actions that follow; invest in community-led health and safety strategies rather than in the police; prioritize nonviolent de-escalation training for officers; demilitarize police departments; give community-led police oversight boards subpoena power to investigate grievances. We encourage folks to read the demands of BYP100, NC Black and Brown Policy Network, NC United for Survival and Beyond, Raleigh PACT, the Movement for Black Lives and to take appropriate action.


As an organization committed to supporting equity and justice for all, NCAAT recognizes the importance of working within a cross-racial, cross-ethnic framework focused on grassroots power and solidarity. Black activists are, and have been, the trailblazers of the very values of democracy, representation, equity, and justice to which NCAAT has dedicated its work. 


We must financially, vocally, or otherwise support the efforts of Black organizers and activists, Black-led groups, Black-owned businesses, and those who center Black communities and the liberation of Black people in their work, some of which are listed here:



Educational Resources


Supporting the liberation of Black people is a continuing effort that includes starting conversations about anti-Blackness in our own Asian American communities, with our families and friends. 


NCAAT encourages the rejection of efforts to pit Asian Americans against Black people through false narratives of the “model minority,” the “perpetual foreigner,” and “Black criminality.” We recognize the embedded white supremacy in dominant media coverage, which fuels the myth of “Black criminality” through its distinctions of “peaceful protesters” and “unruly rioters.” As a community, rather than focusing solely on our own comfort, we must be willing to be uncomfortable and root out anti-Blackness wherever it surfaces, because the root cause of the social injustices all our communities face lay squarely with white supremacy, racism, and oppression.


In solidarity,


The NCAAT Team

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