A Story of Resilience: Michelle Yeoh’s and Ke Huy Quan’s Journeys

Each year, we all turn our attention to the big screens, searching for a movie, in hopes of catching a reflection of ourselves. It doesn’t have to be the big blockbuster theatrical performance of a lifetime – a movie with the right amount of intrigue woven into a heartfelt narration will suffice. But this past year, one particular film has captured worldwide attention: Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Food Storytelling Collective presents “Cooking for Peace” Recipe Series: Part 4 Featuring Bengali Fish Curry

— Written in collaboration with Dr. Zulfiya Tursunova, Sharmin Ahmad, Gerry Lor, and Phian Tran For the fourth and final part of Food Storytelling Collective’s “Cooking for Peace” Recipe series, we present Sharmin Ahmad’s recipe for Bengali Fish Curry with tomato and dill, which she prepared with her son Taj Iman Ahmad Ibn Munir. Sharmin…

Food Storytelling Collective presents “Cooking for Peace” Recipe Series: Part 3 Featuring Tatar Zur Belish

For the third part of Food Storytelling Collective’s “Cooking for Peace” Recipe series, we’ll be sharing a Tatar recipe for Zur Belish, provided by Rushana Rakhimova. Rushana was born in Tatarstan. She is a nurse who honors her culture, language, and traditions by passing them onto her three-year old son, Abraham.

Food Storytelling Collective presents “Cooking for Peace” Recipe Series: Part 2 Featuring Uzbek Dimlama

We’re back for Part 2 of Food Storytelling Collective’s “Cooking for Peace” Recipe series! This recipe is for Dimlama, a traditional dish from Uzbekistan. It was shared by Aziza Eiffe, who is a proud mother of two kids and the youngest is one month old. She loves hiking and is a big foodie exploring different cultures.

COVID-19 Vaccine Matters

COVID-19 vaccine is here, it is effective and safe. Having received my two doses, I can finally be assured that my seat belt is buckled while I continue to take care of my patients.  Although I will still wear my mask, wash my hands carefully, and keep social distance, I know I am now protected against COVID infection, and most certainly against COVID-related severe illness. So, when your turn for the COVID vaccine comes up, I strongly recommend you get your COVID-19 vaccination too.

Importance of Language Access

I am a first-generation Hmong-American due to the selflessness of my parents, who gave up everything that they knew in their homeland to immigrate to the United States, all for a better opportunity to provide for my siblings and me. For those who are unaware, the Hmong people are an ethnic minority within the Asian community, typically residing in Southeast Asia – my parents for example were born in Laos but lived in a refugee camp located in Thailand.

The iNCite Workshop Experience: Intergenerational Solidarity

I’ve always thought of myself as a creative person, but you wouldn’t know that if you’ve encountered me during my undergraduate years. My time spent at UNC-Chapel Hill has been consumed by a deep dive into service, student organizing, and becoming involved with various political and civic engagement-related initiatives. Over the past three years, any impulse to write a story or poem was pushed down for the sake of “productivity” — with studying, work, or meetings always taking precedent. As I head into my final year as an undergraduate, I’m realizing what a misstep ignoring my creative impulses was. Storytelling provides so much opportunity for both expression and advocacy.