NCAAT denounces the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that affirmative action programs at Harvard and UNC-Chapel Hill were unconstitutional. NCAAT strongly disagrees with this decision. For years, colleges have considered race as a factor in admissions to gain a full understanding of an applicant’s story and to create more inclusive and representative student bodies. The Supreme Court’s regressive decision will set back all marginalized communities — including Asian Americans — and further increase the education and economic divide.

Racist mailers sent by conservative right-wing organization target NC Asian American voters with disinformation ahead of 2022 midterms

In the week leading up to the midterms, Asian American voters across North Carolina have been receiving hateful, racist mailers aimed at suppressing their vote and subduing the political power of the fastest-growing racial demographic in the state. While anti-Asian rhetoric has been prevalent since early 2020, this blatant piece of disinformation is the first time Asian Americans in North Carolina have been the target of efforts around an election. “This mail piece is evidence that bad actors fear our growing political power.”

New poll from NC Asian Americans Together reveals candidates in the battleground state of North Carolina have overlooked a powerful voting bloc

With an estimated 216,000 AAPI voters in the state, the Asian American electorate in North Carolina has the potential to influence election outcomes this year. In toss-up races where state and federal candidates must fight for every vote, many campaigns have overlooked the fastest-growing racial demographic in the state. A new poll from North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT) and UC San Diego’s U.S. Immigration Policy Center has found that only 39% of AAPI voters have been contacted by any political party about this year’s election.

An unnecessary request for signature matching could throw out thousands of legitimate ballots from voters of color in future NC elections

North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT) opposes the scrutinization of signatures for absentee ballot request forms and envelopes. An alarming study by Asian Americans Advancing Justice found that Asian Americans in California faced higher than average vote-by-mail ballot rejection rates in 2016. Over half of those rejections were due to mismatched signatures. We urge North Carolinians to submit public comments before July 5, 2022, advocating against this discriminatory and unnecessary practice.

North Carolina Asian Americans Together opposes Jim Crow-esque anti-voting Senate Bills

North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT) is disappointed and frustrated that those of us and our allies speaking out in opposition of Jim Crow-esque anti-voting legislation were not given ample time to give our public statements during the Senate Redistricting Committee meeting Wednesday morning. NCAAT was not able to give our comments opposing Senate Bills 326, 724, and 725. The procedure in handling public comments during this meeting is reflective of the impact of these voter suppression bills in silencing communities of color. Please read our full statement here.

Statement on anti-Asian hate

With heavy hearts, we recognize the violence facing Asian American communities, including the most recent incident in Atlanta yesterday. What happened yesterday has really struck an emotional chord with all of us here at NCAAT, and as a community, we witness and share in the collective grief and mourning during this time.  Last night, eight…

Changes to “Public Charge” regulation targets immigrants of color, favors money over family

Trump policy to be officially published tomorrow will force immigrants to choose between basic needs and being with their families. RALEIGH, NC, Aug 13, 2019 — North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT) strongly opposes the Trump administration’s changes to the “Public Charge” rule, which was unofficially released yesterday. This policy unfairly targets immigrants of color…