How the Asian American vote can make a difference in N.C.

Since 2010, the number of eligible Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters in North Carolina grew 43%, more than five times faster than the statewide growth rate.

Across North Carolina, there are more than 157,000 Asian Americans who are eligible to vote, making the AAPI community a potentially significant voting bloc in this battleground state. The number of Asian American registered voters has increased 44% from 2014.

However, more work needs to be done to bridge the gap between registered voters and the voting-eligible population in AAPI communities.  As of August 2018, there are about 89,000 Asian American registered voters, or about 57% of the total Asian American voting-eligible population.

NCAAT is committed to raising the visibility and voice of the AAPI population in North Carolina through building up and motivating an electorate throughout the state. One key way we achieve this goal is through voter registration drives conducted in communities with high AAPI populations with the help of volunteers, particularly individuals from the local AAPI communities.

Join our effort to increase AAPI representation and voice in North Carolina together. Sign up to volunteer with us today!