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NCAAT in Action mobilizes Asian Americans in North Carolina for action. Visit its website by clicking below.

Our Work

Youth Programs

Building a leadership pipeline

NCAAT works to empower, connect and provide personal and leadership development for
young Asian American Pacific Islanders. Our youth programs are open to youth of all ages and interests. We have paid opportunities, fellowships, internships and ways to engage.

Civic Engagement

Empowering community

Through voter registration and get out the vote efforts, NCAAT is setting out to tap into the power of the AAPI electorate and amplify voices from communities who often feel unheard or unrepresented. Together, we can collectively make our state more inclusive and representative of the communities here.

Community Programs

Connecting communities

By connecting our diverse AAPI communities, we empower one other. It’s because of this that NCAAT places in value in cross-ethnic an cross-racial dialogue and education. Through programs like film screenings and education workshops on history and identity, we can help build a stronger community.

Policy and Advocacy

Protecting each other

Beyond voting, as community members, we have the power to hold public officials accountable and protect each other. NCAAT helps to call attention to policies adverse to AAPI and immigrant communities and to help immigrants and refugees navigate the immigration system through naturalization workshops.

Latest Updates

Racist mailers sent by conservative right-wing organization target NC Asian American voters with disinformation ahead of 2022 midterms

In the week leading up to the midterms, Asian American voters across North Carolina have been receiving hateful, racist mailers aimed at suppressing their vote and subduing the political power of the fastest-growing racial demographic in the state. While anti-Asian rhetoric has been prevalent since early 2020, this blatant piece of disinformation is the first time Asian Americans in North Carolina have been the target of efforts around an election. “This mail piece is evidence that bad actors fear our growing political power.”

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New poll from NC Asian Americans Together reveals candidates in the battleground state of North Carolina have overlooked a powerful voting bloc

With an estimated 216,000 AAPI voters in the state, the Asian American electorate in North Carolina has the potential to influence election outcomes this year. In toss-up races where state and federal candidates must fight for every vote, many campaigns have overlooked the fastest-growing racial demographic in the state. A new poll from North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT) and UC San Diego’s U.S. Immigration Policy Center has found that only 39% of AAPI voters have been contacted by any political party about this year’s election.

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