ASON: Asian Student Organizing Network


Asian Student Organization Network (ASON) is an exciting opportunity for Asian American-serving student organizations to partner with North Carolina Asian Americans Together.

ASON aims to be a resource for intercollegiate student organizing, dialogue, and opportunity sharing. ASON is a mutually beneficial agreement between NC organizations and NCAAT. Member organizations will gain access to NCAAT resources such as mini-grants, civic engagement opportunities, youth team support, and political education. ASON members will help promote NCAAT youth programming and serve as ambassadors and voices for Asian American youth so that NCAAT can better serve the network.

ASON is inspired by the broader legacy of the Asian American movement. The coining of the term “Asian American” originated from student activists Emma Gee and Yuji Ichioka in the 1960’s and with the foundational organizing of Black, Indigenous, and Chicano/a folks. The creation of “Asian American” as an identity transformed and politicized for many what it meant to be an Asian person living in the United States. Students and young people have always been at the forefront of this change.


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Who should apply

  • Asian American-serving, student-led organizations who want to grow their network and presence in N.C. by connecting to NCAAT, other organizations, nonprofits, and resources
  • Student groups that are looking for support on thinking through and creating programming, workshops, and engagement opportunities related to Asian American identity, politics, and movement-building 
  • Student-led organizations who are passionate about promoting civic engagement by hosting voter registration drives, get-out-the-vote work, and educational events


  • Up to $500 of financial support from NCAAT to support programming*
  • Inclusion to a coalition of affiliate organizations working towards an understanding of working in a pan-Asian American context
  • Access to NCAAT resources, regional conferences and trainings, workshops, educational materials, cultural and political programming, and more!
  • Membership in ASON Alumni Network Group
  • Additional optional professional development opportunities

*must complete all requirements as outlined in the agreement to receive full grant


  • Commitment period of at least one semester per school year
  • Attendance of two virtual partnership network meetings per semester
  • Written reflections of projects, progress, and events via blog post or social media highlight
  • Participation in a collaboration activity with NCAAT

The application closes on 9/14 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

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Youth work we have done since our founding

  • “From Collective Marginalization to Collective Power: the Importance of AAPI Civic Engagement” workshop at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2018
  • Asian American Identity Workshop at East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) National Conference 2017
  • “Asian American Political History” presented at Indiana University’s 2021 Asian American Student Conference 
  • Hosted online voter registration workshops in partnership with: UNC AASA, Guilford College International Club, Duke ASA
  • Hosted get out the vote parties at NC State University’s, Duke University’s and NC Central University’s early voting sites
  • Registered over a thousand new young voters at NC State, Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, App State, UNCG and other colleges and universities across North Carolina.