NCAAT’s Youth Program has decided to pause our Fall 2021 Youth Ambassadors cycle.This was a difficult decision made due to our limited staff capacity. We understand that many of you were looking forward to being a part of our fall cohort. We had so many incredible applicants, and we regret that we won’t be able to continue this program with you all for the time being. However, this does not mean goodbye! We plan to reintroduce YAMs as soon as we have more capacity. In the meantime, we have developed some exciting new youth engagement opportunities that we hope you’ll take advantage of!  


  • Publishing on the NCAAT Blog
  • Voter Registration Drives
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Asian Student Organizing Network (ASON)



First off, we are looking for youth contributors for our NCAAT blog. We’ve seen time and time again just how brilliant, insightful, and thoughtful you are, so we’d love for you to submit a blog post on a topic you’re passionate about. If you’re nervous about writing, don’t worry – I am happy to workshop your piece with you!


Voter Registration Drives

We are also looking for youth leaders passionate about civic engagement to host voter registration drives! If you are passionate about voting rights and amplifying the AAPI youth vote, sign up here to host a voter registration drive on your campus. You can host a VR drive individually, with friends, or through a campus organization or club. 


Social Media Content Creation

We also want to continue highlighting all of you on our social media page! Whether you’re looking to flex your social media skills by helping design a graphic for one of our social media campaigns or looking to talk about an issue you’re passionate about on your IG story via our N-Fluencers project, let us know! We’ve loved having youth content creators and would love for you all to continue engaging. 



Finally, we want to share a new project we’re launching: Asian Student Organization Network (ASON)! ASON is an exciting opportunity for Asian American serving student organizations to partner with North Carolina Asian Americans Together. ASON aims to be a resource for intercollegiate student organizing, dialogue, and opportunity sharing. Member organizations will gain access to NCAAT resources such as mini grants, civic engagement opportunities, youth team support, and political education to your Asian American student population (from workshop ideation and implementation to speaking engagements and more!)  


We fully anticipate bringing back Youth Ambassadors in Spring of 2022, and look forward to continuing to engage with you all through our workshops, internship programs,volunteer opportunities, and more!